Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

CDO Sara Hurley releases ‘return to work’ SOP for dentistry

Yesterday we received the SOP (standard operating procedure) from Sara Hurley showing exactly what dental practices in England will need to introduce when they reopen.

FGDP release guidelines for safe return to general dentistry

Over the last week, numerous concerns have been raised about what dentistry will look like post lockdown.

The FGDP(UK) launched its guidelines for a safe return to general dentistry.

Could COVID-19 kill NHS dentistry?

Julian English reacted to these guidelines speculating that COVID-19 could kill NHS dentistry.

Variety of UK guidance could lead to ‘cross-border dental tourism’, say BAPD

The BAPD also warned that changing guidance across the UK could lead to ‘cross border dental tourism‘.

Most practices to treat less than quarter of pre-COVID patient numbers, survey shows

A new survey shows that 60% of dental practices think they’ll only be able to treat a quarter of the patients they did pre-pandemic.

One in two dental professionals say finances are biggest concern, survey reveals

Which may be part of the reason why half of dental professionals say financial worries are having the biggest impact on their mental health in the face of COVID-19.

Public attitudes on returning to dentistry post COVID-19

One of our long reads this week comes from Michael Heffernan, who looks at the publics’ attitudes on returning to dental practices.

Difficulties in building rapport with patients after COVID-19

Laura Hunter-Shaw also tackles this, discussing how we can still build rapport with patients despite an increase in PPE.

Dentist kicks off legal action against Matt Hancock and PHE

One dentist, Dr Minesh Talati, is taking legal action against Matt Hancock and PHE after he lost his father to COVID-19.

Around two in three UK adults now use electric toothbrush, study finds

And a few other oral health stories from around the profession show that around two in three UK adults now use an electric toothbrush.

Warning labels on sugary drinks encourage healthier drink choices, research shows

And warning labels on sugary drinks encourage healthier choices.

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