Dentistry Online podcast with Mahrukh Khwaja


In this week’s episode we chat to Mahrukh Khwaja about mental health, resilience and mindfulness in dentistry.

Based in Kent as both a dentist and emotional resilience coach, Mahrukh believes more conversations around wellbeing need to be had.

We chat about mental health in dentistry and why it’s so important teams have access to support – from university right through to the profession.

We also discuss the ideas behind mindfulness and its relevance to dentistry.

‘Often burn out and poor mental health actually starts at university,’ she says.

‘Studies actually show that the levels of burn out and poor mental health is higher in dental professionals at student level compared to other students. It’s key to address this early – prevention is paramount.’

Listen to the podcast on SpotifyCaptivate or below.

Additionally, you can find Mahrukh on Instagram

Topics include:

  • Getting into resilience coaching
  • Importance of mental health discussions
  • Mindfulness
  • Wellbeing at university
  • Creativity.

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